Los Ferrocarriles de Chile – Visitados en 1978 y 1987


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Character: Historical (National-Black and White Photography)
Nº of pages: 377


Los Ferrocarriles de Chile – Visitados en 1978 y 1987
Author: Wilfrid Simms

Chile received a lot of attention from european railway fans during the nineteenth and twentieth centurie for the great variety of special locomotives that existed in the country, especially in the north, where they were used to overcome the immense challenge of traveling along the coastal escarpment and Los Andes mountains.
Between 1950 and 2000 we were visited by several british experts in railways who captured their research of our railways in separated books, referring to the history of the industrial railways in the north of our country.

The last british researcher to visit Chile and study the Railways of the North and South was Wilfrid Simms, author of this magnificent work.

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