Valparaíso, Joya del Pacífico.
Historic Picture Postcards from Valparaiso, Jewell of the Pacific.


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Rustic cover with 143 pages and 80 postcards in black and white and color.
Dimensions: 20 x 30 cms


Valparaíso, Joya del Pacífico. 
Historic Picture Postcards from Valparaíso, Jewell of the Pacific.

Through its vintage postcards.
Author: Guillermo Burgos Cuthbert

Through its beautiful postcards of the early twentieth century, Valparaiso shows us all its splendor and magnificence, so full of beautiful buildings and walks where the British influence was central in its construction. At the end of the work, we can appreciate the devastating effects of the 1907 earthquake, which destroyed many of these buildings, but left many others that we can easily identify today, especially in Cerro Alegre. We can also learn about the history of this city and the most important producers of postcards.

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